Resistentes a los Aceites

Name   Description
CWOR (Cold Weather Oil Resistant)  
  • Outstanding resistance to the very difficult combined effects of cold, abrasion and petroleum products
  • Cold Weather Temperature resistance to -50° F (-50° C)
  • Recommended for...
MOR (E)  
  • Excellent abrasion resistant cover with outstanding resistance to the deteriorating effects of moderately oily materials and terpenes
  • Increased oil resistant properties, recommended...
MOR (Moderate Oil Resistance)  
  • Recommended for specialized service such as wood chips, whole grains like corn and soybeans, waste disposal, sewage, sludge and lightly oil treated materials.
  • Resistant to the...
ORN (Oil Resistant Neoprene)  
  • Excellent resistance to abrasion and deteriorating effects of heavy concentrations of crude oils, lubricating oils and greases.
  • Recommended for conveying lightly oily covered coke,...
ORP (Oil Resistance Plus)  
  • Superior resistance to materials containing high concentrations of animal fats and oils.
  • Recommended for use involving heavy exposure to aromatic hydrocarbons such as petroleum based...
ORWP (Oil Resistant Wood Pitch)  
  • Premium moderately oil resistant compound for the Forest Products Industry.
  • Resists deteriorating effects of terpenes.
  • Ideal for lumber and wood chip handling.
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